Pharos is a visionary next generation office environment where tenants and employees get the very best out of themselves. Thanks to the newest smart and sustainable technology, the tenants in Pharos constitute the Healthiest Working Community.

Four ambitions of our community:

Maximum Health:

Pharos is a visionary space for healthy work. A healthy working environment is about employees’ physical health, but also a healthy building with good materials and the health of the world around us.

Zero waste:

Pharos avoids waste and gives direction to the circular economy. We avoid waste in all ways, from resources and from energy as the potential, vitality and power of people. All resources are used optimally.

Total energy:

Pharos becomes a source of energy for its tenants and the neighbourhood. Pharos is energizing for sustainable for people and the environment. We generate as much energy as possible, with a reduced carbon footprint and maximum employee motivation and productivity as a result.

Vibrant Community:

Pharos is a dynamic network for social encounters and collaboration. Collaboration, meeting other people and sharing are indispensable for innovation, creativity and social cohesion in the workforce and for achieving goals.

Building a healthy and energized environment

Healthy working

What makes Pharos a unique office ecosystem is that healthy working is integrated in the physical work environment as well as in monitoring the well being and performance of employees through innovative new ways. At Pharos our tenants objects are increased productivity and less sickness absence.

Vibrant community

Pharos offers a Healthy business lounge for Lessees and visitors with programming. This area offers infinite options for relaxation, special and inspiring events, presentations and meetings. All reservations and programming will be organized through the Pharos community app.

Total energy

The use of Solarix energy-generating panels will turn selected parts of the external wall into a source of energy. The Pharos building has a label A energy performance certificate and aiming for a Breeam-in-use Excellent certification, in addition a number of energy-efficient and energy-generating measures will be implemented as part of the overall plan.

Pharos Food – fresh produce from farm to table

The Pharos Food Program brings fresh produce from local organic farms straight to The Farm Kitchen canteen. Top chef Jonathan Karpathios has developed a unique plant based menu to offer members and guests healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Farm Kitchen has become Pharos’ 3rd space where tenants meet and connect over a meal, building strong Pharos community bonds. Want to take your locally sourced meal to-go? Healthy take out options are also available for your convenience.

Zero waste

Zero waste means waste nothing. Pharos will not only apply this within the building, but will also form smart connections with the environment. Pharos will combat waste and will be a driving force for circular economy. The topic will also be implemented in the way Pharos will organize the food concept. Pharos’ refurbishment shows that we care about the environment and that we take our responsibility seriously. For a start, all furnishings and fittings of the previous Lessee will be reused and given a second life. We have also agreed with the suppliers of the new furnishings and fittings that they will take back everything at the end. This gives true meaning to the term ‘zero waste.’

Pharos Fit20 – feel energized!

Pharos Fit20 offers a fitness program to every Pharos member. The aim is to provide our community with more physical and mental energy throughout their day, while tailoring a mix of training and relaxation to meet your needs.