Does your HQ check the boxes for being future-proof?

Today's top talent demands a workplace that puts their health first, and offers more than just a desk to show up to; they expect an office that enhances their physical and mental well-being. We're proud to say that thanks to the newest smart and sustainable innovations, Pharos' tenants constitute the Netherlands' Healthiest Working Community.

What today’s workforce needs from their workplace:

Increased cleaning procedures

It goes without saying; everyone needs to step up their sanitation. If it's not obvious enough, a new survey shows that 40% of workers say enhanced cleaning procedures would have a major impact on their comfort when returning to the workplace.

Personal space & increased space

The phrase "working hand in hand" is a thing of the past, and organizations must adjust if they want to guarantee employee comfortability. 74% of workers say reduced workplace capacity would have at least a moderate impact on their comfort when returning to the workplace, and 73% say redesigned workspaces would also contribute to that comfort level.

A workspace that enhances physical and mental health

A workspace that enhances physical and mental health Employees are people too, so you should help reduce their stress by providing them more than just a desk. A new survey shows that 79% of workers claimed to be at least a little concerned about their physical health, while 67% are at least a little concerned about their mental health.

Hybridized work WFH or WFO

There are pros and cons to everything, and WFH is no exception. While plenty of people see the benefits of working from home, even more, are missing the office. 64% percent of workers say they would like to work from offices part-time, while only 37% would like to continue working from home full-time. That’s where Pharos comes in, our lowrise is nearing completion, set to open early Q3 2020, with some of the 2,500 sqm. floorplates still available and the opportunity to design and structure together with the landlord to incorporate specific requirements.

The Pharos approach to healthy work:

Ionized air & added sanitation
The indoor climate's air purity is considerably improved by the ionization technique of lonair, which replicates natural air purity, so employees experience mountain air in place of office air. This system, combined with optimized ventilation in the building guarantees our tenants and guests receive the highest possible air quality.

As part of our new normal, we're taking many other precautions to ensure our tenants and guests safety. We've implemented 1,5 m social distancing signage, hand sanitizer stations, and a limit of 2 people per elevator. In high traffic areas like in and exit routes, the reception desk, and throughout the restaurant, physical dividers are installed. Exercise, revitalize, reenergize, repeat.

Exercise, revitalize, reenergize, repeat.

Health first means physical and mental. Our farm-to-table food program, combined with our Fit20 fitness program and reload room, provides a full-service immune and wellness boost for our tenants.

Flexible test fits and floor plates
By enabling social distance workstations and expansive common area space, Pharos helps organizations distribute their headcounts across the building and not just their floor. The high rise offers ~875sqm floorplates and connected with the low rise (1st floor till 5th floor) offers ~2,500sqm floorplates, allowing tenants to give their employees a dynamic and vibrant work environment with a variety of options for activity-based working.

An office that provides more value and vibrant community
Pharos is the office space that's worthwhile for employees because here it's more than just a desk. We've intentionally created a vibrant community where talent can continue to engage with their team and others safely, allowing them to ideate, discuss and network at a safe distance.

This combined with fiber-optic internet, abundant parking, take-away food, 24-hour access, thematic meeting and workshop spaces, cleaning services, greenkeeping, dry-cleaning, and mobility services means your lease here includes cubic meters of healthy office space rather than leasing just square meters of office space.