Welcome to Pharos – where work and life are in balance. Cairn Real Estate is proud to present this modern, state of the art office building conveniently located in the Amsterdam Metropolitan area, right next to Hoofddorp train station. 

Overlooking Schiphol International Airport, Pharos towers over its surroundings, becoming a beacon of a visionary new view on healthy working. Redeveloped with the circular economy at its core, Pharos’ sustainable and innovative facilities and amenities make it a true next generation work environment.

Reshaping the workplace as we know it

Located in the middle of the Randstad and overlooking Schiphol, Pharos is an office building that is being transformed into a professional healthy working community. At Pharos, healthy and energetic work create the connecting force which enables employees to be healthy, present, and mindful at work whilst maximizing their professional performance.

Cubic meters of healthy working space

Pharos stands for a vibrant and dynamic working environment. It is a community of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals connected through healthy working. Pharos offers flexible floor divisions and services, whilst enabling higher productivity and lower absenteeism. Pharos is equipped with the latest smart and sustainable technology, created by a network of dedicated partners, renters and suppliers.

A vibrant and dynamic working environment

Abundant common spaces and shared amenities

By offering a wide range of common areas like the new ground floor entrance, The Farm Kitchen restaurant, and 19th floor business lounge & sky bar, a maximum level of comfort and flexibility is guaranteed for all workers.

A transformative building redefined for today’s workers

Pharos is pioneering a healthy and sustainable workplace. Tenants are looking for an office that embraces the future. An office that energizes the organization. An office that not only meets the standard requirements of cost efficiency, sustainability and the new way of working, but above all is future-proof and can be used to attract and retain employees.